Bakersfield Business Networking Group Bylaws

Purpose- These rules are to govern the long-term operation of the group Bakersfield Business Networking Group (BBNG), membership responsibilities, and offices.

Bakersfield Business Networking Group Bylaws

Purpose- These rules are to govern the long-term operation of the group Bakersfield Business Networking Group (BBNG), membership responsibilities, and offices.

Member: An individual(s) representing a single classification or category of business.
Officer: An individual who assists in the operation of BBNG as outlined by the roles and responsibilities of their office contained in this document.
Absence: An unattended and unsubstituted meeting.
Category: A specific type of business which serves a niche of the overall market.
One-to-One: A meeting between two or more individuals not during the designated general meeting time.
Probation: A period of time specified by the membership committee with requirements set forth by the same committee for a member to uphold.
Termination: A canceling of the membership of a member.
Stated Meeting: A meeting conducted no less than once per year and no more than once per month for the purpose of elections, transaction of business, and other business that requires a vote of the members.
Quorum: A minimum of sixty (60) percent of the registered members in good standing.
Dues: Monies paid to the Treasurer to be a member of BBNG.

Roles and Responsibilities-
BBNG shall consist of the following offices: Chair, Membership Committee, Clerk, Treasurer, and Guest Host. A member shall be an individual of the general populace of BBNG.

The Chair’s office shall be an elected office held by a single individual for a term one (1) year of service. The same individual may hold the office of Chair for multiple years without limit. Election to the office shall be by simple majority vote of all members in good standing in attendance at the election meeting. The Chair shall moderate all meetings for the duration of his/her term or appoint a suitable substitute in the case of absence. The Chair shall appoint three (3) members in good standing to the Membership Committee, one member to the position of Treasurer, and two (2) to the position of Guest Host. The Chair shall have authority to create committees as he/she sees fit for the completion of tasks not defined in the bylaws. The Chair may hold no other office in BBNG while in the office of Chair.

Membership Committee shall consist of three (3) members in good standing. The committee shall evaluate all disputes brought before it by members of BBNG. The committee shall also evaluate the standing of any member as instructed to do so by the Chair. The evaluation of a member’s standing shall include, but is not limited to: Attendance, Tardiness, Referrals, and Business Ethics. The membership committee may not make an evaluation on any member regarding: Business Practices, Race, Sex, or Affiliations. The individuals on the membership committee shall serve a term of one (1) year. Members may only serve for two (2) consecutive years on the committee, but are not limited to the number of times that they can be appointed to the committee. Appointment to the membership committee does not prevent a member from holding any other office concurrently, except that of Chair.

The Clerk shall be responsible for scheduling of speakers, tracking of attendance, and tracking of referrals or meetings done between members. The Clerk shall also be responsible for all communications sent to members regarding Membership Status, Dues, or Membership Evaluation. The office of Clerk shall be for an elected term of one (1) year with no term limits. A member who holds the office of clerk may additionally hold any other office, except Chair, concurrently during his/her term.

The office of Treasurer shall be for an appointed term of one (1) year. The Treasurer shall collect and keep a record of all dues or other monies collected from the members and deliver a copy of that record to the Chair and the Clerk.

The Guest Host shall greet all visitors and make those visitors feel welcome. The Guest Host shall attempt to get the visitor’s name and contact info for follow up. As part of greeting a visitor, the Guest Host should attempt to introduce the visitor to other individuals that may complement each other’s businesses. An example of such an introduction would be a Building Contractor and Interior Designer.

A Member is an individual who occupies a single category and is in good standing.

Governing Rules

Agenda: The Chair shall set the Agenda for any meeting as he/she sees fit.
Meeting: BBNG shall meet ________ (period) on __________ (day) at __________ (time) until ________ (time) at _________________________________ (location).
Attendance: In order to maintain membership, a member must attend _______% of meetings in a _______ month period. A member shall count as having attended if 1.) The member arrives before the meeting is 3/4 completed or 2.) The member sends a suitable substitute to act as his/her representative.

The Membership Committee evaluation of a member must be initiated by either the Chair or a simple majority vote of quorum of members. Once an evaluation of a member is initiated, the membership committee shall contact the member being evaluated for an explanation from the member’s perspective. Once the committee has heard from the member, the committee will meet to discuss potential actions and form a recommendation. Once the committee has a recommendation, it shall present that recommendation to the members for a vote at the next meeting. The committee can recommend “No action,” “Probation,” “Termination,” “Excused,” “Fine,” or other courses of action with general member approval within the bounds of all State and Federal Laws.

A member placed on Probation must complete the actions prescribed by the Membership Committee for the designated period to be removed from Probation. The Membership Committee may re-evaluate a member at the end of the Probation period at its discretion. Such re-evaluation must be stated as part of the Probationary terms. If the terms of the probation are not met, the probate shall have his/her membership immediately terminated.

The Chair will receive all new applications for membership and pass those applications to the Membership Committee for review. The Membership Committee shall evaluate and vote on the application. If approved, the applicant shall become a member. New members are under a probationary period of three (3) months from date of approval and must attend, or send a suitable substitute, 75% of the meetings. After the initial probationary period, the member shall be considered in “good standing” and may hold office if desired.

For six (6) months after termination, a terminated member may not be reinstated as a member without 3/4 vote of all members in good standing. A terminated member may reapply for membership after six (6) months as a new member and is subject to all new member requirements. A terminated member’s category is immediately open for other members upon termination.

During the annual Stated Meeting, a quorum of members in good standing shall define rules regarding tardiness to meetings for the following year. The rules shall include: 1.) A specific number of minutes or a set time after which a member shall be considered late, 2.) The penalty for such behavior, and 3.) Any ancillary items arising from 1 or 2.

Tardiness disturbs the normal flow of the meeting, and while member attendance is important, frequent or unbridled tardiness will be sent to the Membership Committee for review at the Director’s discretion.

Membership dues shall be ________ annually or _________ monthly. Failure to pay dues will result in immediate evaluation by the membership committee.


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